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  1. flodtyrannulett - ML199421631
    vurdering 4
    2 vurderinger
    Andrés M. Cuervo
    Vichada, Colombia
    Kommentarer A focal individual from the pair recorded sound recorded (ML199406061 ML19940663
    Age and sex Adult, Unknown sex - 1
  2. flodtyrannulett - ML200960051
    vurdering 3
    5 vurderinger
    Loreto, Peru
    Kommentarer A perched bird in a tree before flying away, repeated in slow motion. A river is
    Oppførsel I flukt
  3. flodtyrannulett - ML534320901
    vurdering 4
    2 vurderinger
    Vichada, Colombia
    Lyder Sang
    Oppførsel Lydytrende