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  1. Ermite anthophile - ML201948221
    évaluation 4
    9 évaluations
    Santander, Colombia
    Commentaires bird perched and later flying away. Elevation: 206 m. Date added to IBC: June 23
    Comportements En vol
  2. Ermite anthophile - ML566827371
    évaluation 5
    3 évaluations
    Anzoátegui, Venezuela
  3. Ermite anthophile - ML201619711
    évaluation 4
    4 évaluations
    Magdalena, Colombia
    Commentaires A bird in a branch.In the back-ground call of Bright-Rumped Attila. Elevation: 1
    Sons Cri
    Comportements Vocalisation
  4. Ermite anthophile - ML201509081
    évaluation 4
    4 évaluations
    Darién, Panama
    Commentaires A bird on a feeder, hovering, eating and flying around. Elevation: 107 m. Date a
    Comportements En vol; Recherche de nourriture ou alimentation
  5. Ermite anthophile - ML610692390
    évaluation 5
    2 évaluations
    Cesar, Colombia
    Commentaires A perched bird scratching the neck with one foot, stretching wings and tail and
  6. Ermite anthophile - ML615725808
    évaluation 3
    1 évaluation
    Falcón, Venezuela
  7. Ermite anthophile - ML613987748
    Casanare, Colombia
  8. Ermite anthophile - ML251470661
    Cundinamarca, Colombia