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  1. Des Murs's Wiretail - ML590890961
    rating 4
    4 ratings
    Antonieta Gonzalez Soto
    Curicó, Maule, Chile
  2. Des Murs's Wiretail - ML611035460
    rating 4
    2 ratings
    Puyehue, Los Lagos, Chile
    Media notes A bird hopping through the bushes and calling. Elevation: 443 m. Date added to I
    Sounds Call
    Behaviors Vocalizing
  3. Des Murs's Wiretail - ML542947671
    rating 5
    1 rating
    Ancud, Los Lagos, Chile
    Media notes Slow version.
  4. Des Murs's Wiretail - ML719880
    rating 3
    4 ratings
    Los Lagos, Chile
    Media notes A bird looking around and changing of perch. IBC scientific name: Sylviorthorhyn
  5. Des Murs's Wiretail - ML542912231
    rating 4
    1 rating
    Temuco, Araucanía, Chile
    Media notes Slow version 50%