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  1. Black-chested Prinia - ML201830411
    rating 4
    6 ratings
    Erongo, Namibia
    Media notes An adult foraging and calling. Elevation: 1227 m. Date added to IBC: January 1,
    Age and sex Adult, Unknown sex - 1
    Sounds Call
    Behaviors Foraging or eating; Vocalizing
  2. Black-chested Prinia - ML201035591
    rating 3
    5 ratings
    Kunene, Namibia
    Media notes A bird moving around in a bush. Elevation: 1113 m. Date added to IBC: June 22, 2
  3. Black-chested Prinia - ML200941481
    rating 3
    5 ratings
    Tom Heijnen
    Northern Cape, South Africa
    Media notes A bird singing and preening in top of bush. Elevation: 855 m. Date added to IBC:
    Sounds Song
    Behaviors Vocalizing